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California Die Casting

Style and Finish

Zinc die castings offer low product cost for high quality finishes. Chrome and Brass plated finishes are the preferred choices where style, durability, and appearance are important.

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High-Quality Aluminum and Zinc Die Castings in Ontario, CA

Die Casting Plant

California Die Casting, Inc. is a provider of High Pressure Aluminum and Zinc die castings. We specialize in complex, high-strength, economically produced castings. We have combined innovation with technology to effectively meet the challenges of the highest quality standards.

Contact us at (909) 947-9947 or email us at info@caldiecast.com to learn more about the castings we create.

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Quality Information

Automation brings stability, reliability, productivity and high quality to the process. These factors lead to improved castings and increased die life along with reliable production schedules. [more]

Latest Technology

This combination of experience with technology is how we provide optimal solutions for your casting requirements. California Die Casting uses the latest machine and process technology.[more]

ISO Information

California Die Casting, Inc. operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.[more]