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Style and Finish

Zinc die castings offer low product cost for high quality finishes. Chrome and Brass plated finishes are the preferred choices where style, durability, and appearance are important.

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Quality Aluminum Die Castings Ontario, CA

Die Casting Plant

When a company needs to have quality aluminum die casting in Ontario, to support product runs, California Die Castings can help. We have unique experience working with aluminum, zinc, and alloy castings, and engineering the best systems with 3-D computer design tools. Work with a company that recognizes standards set by the North American Die Casting Association, and works with a variety of hand and automated tools to ensure superior finished results. Look for us when you need high-quality aluminum die casting in Ontario, California or nearby.

Our die casting machines have the capability to produce a variety of products for customers. When it's important to have systems that are up to industry standards, take a look at what we offer in terms of adherence to ISO certification, and NADCA design information, and other key standards.

For example, we pay attention to things like linear dimension, parting line and moving die component tolerances, and other detailed dimensions for making sure that finished results work the way they are supposed to. Let us help with resources showing how our in-house processes meet these types of specifications, and what we can do for your company.

Finishing Processes

At California Die Casting, we also take care to turn out quality results with secondary processes for the purposes of finishing pieces. Techs may use the strategies like shotblasting or sanding, as well as deburring and other types of precision work to complete services for clients.

All of this leads to the kinds of results that our customers love, and that keep companies coming back to replenish their supply chains with product sourced through quality partnerships. Get the right customer service and parts backed by our track record of excellence, and keep in touch for a variety of products from a company dedicated to B2B quality and service.

Quality Assurance

At CDC, we adhere to specific ISO quality assurance standards — ask us about how our processes match up to the standards put in place by industry experts and thought leadership agencies. We understand what it takes to operate superior processes for quality die castings production.

Ask CDC about how to get high-quality aluminum die castings in Ontario, CA.

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Quality Information

Automation brings stability, reliability, productivity and high quality to the process. These factors lead to improved castings and increased die life along with reliable production schedules. [more]

Latest Technology

This combination of experience with technology is how we provide optimal solutions for your casting requirements. California Die Casting uses the latest machine and process technology.[more]

ISO Information

California Die Casting, Inc. operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.[more]