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California Die Casting

Style and Finish

Zinc die castings offer low product cost for high quality finishes. Chrome and Brass plated finishes are the preferred choices where style, durability, and appearance are important.

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Quality Aluminum Castings in Ontario, CA

Use of CNC Machining

Need help with metal crafting and parts production? California Die Casting can help. This established company is known for CNC machining and aluminum castings in Ontario and other kinds of metal working processes. Let us help you to craft a better supply chain and benefit from long-lasting equipment and tools for your company's ongoing operations.

The Value of CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining has disrupted manufacturing industries in a good way. This modern type of computer-controlled fabrication relies on automation processes that make parts more consistent and universally turned out, while increasing efficiency and decreasing waste. This technology also greatly reduces the margin of error on physical production, and saves all sorts of time and effort in a busy fabricating business.

CNC machines work on coded instructions that allow them to produce each individual piece exactly the same as the last. They work on different kinds of processes, from drilling to plasma cutting, and are able to create intricate patterns and shapes in metal pieces. In general, CNC machining helps to make metal pieces turn out better the first time, which may reduce costs for alternative processes, and add quality to a supply chain.

Metalworking Processes

Aside from CNC machining, California Die Casting offers a full range of turnkey solutions for fabricating. Parts may require things like deburring, sanding, shot blasting, or polishing after initial production. We have the tools and equipment and the people to accommodate these processes easily. California Die Casting specializes in completing the full lifecycle of metal fabrication projects, including the initial build and any finishing processes that are needed later.

We're also known for complex die casting according to the standards of the North American Die Casting Association. Having these kinds of standards makes us a trusted business partner in the local area, and a place that many of our clients are proud to consider one of their strategic business partnerships.

Call California Die Casting and ask about the full range of services we provide to industrial businesses. We're happy to help you to get customized results for whatever business processes you need to complete to make your business work well. Work with a top metal fabrication company and get CNC machining in Ontario or anything else that contributes to your finished products.

Aluminum Alloys Cast (Cold Chamber)

360, 380, 383, 384, 413, ZA-12, ZA-27

Zinc Alloys Cast (Hot Chamber)

2, 3, 5, 7, ZA-8

Die Casting Machines

State of the art machines ranging from 250 tons to 800 tons

Turn Key Solutions, Secondary Processes

Vibratory Deburr, Shotblasting, Sanding, Ball Burnish, Impregnation, Polishing, Powder and Wet Paint, Anodizing and Plating. Full CNC machining capabilities


Full engineering and tooling support utilizing the latest 3D CAD Design Software

Quality Tooling

Design and build complex die cast tooling using the finest grades of materials recommended by the North American Die Casting Association.

Quality Assurance and Control

Various methods of inspection including, destructive, hand tools, gages, test fixtures, shot monitoring and CMM.


California Die Casting, Inc. operates a Quality Management System that has certificated compliance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015