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Style and Finish

Zinc die castings offer low product cost for high quality finishes. Chrome and Brass plated finishes are the preferred choices where style, durability, and appearance are important.

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Custom Zinc Die Castings Ontario, CA

Getting Custom Zinc Die Castings

At California Die Casting, we pride ourselves in custom zinc die casting processes that provide client companies with the setups they need to consistently cast quality parts. These systems get used in a prolific way to generate large volumes of results, and they should be very highly designed and precisely crafted. Talk to us about getting the right kinds of custom zinc die castings in Ontario.

A Commitment to Quality

At California Die Casting, we value consistent results. From looking at the integrity and precision of the die cast models, to using the best metals and methods, we help companies to produce the most reliable die castings to turn out quality end products. Take a look at aluminum alloy and zinc alloy data online to see how we source our materials, and how our process contributes to a superior solution for customers.

Digital Oversight

We also use a variety of cutting-edge 3-D software to help design die castings appropriately. These technology tools really enhance the process of making these systems, which will handle intensive workloads. We look at things like gating and runner designs, and the overall integrity of the finished product, as well as various aspects of stability and durability for custom zinc die castings.

Custom Work

Companies who go to California Die Casting for custom zinc die castings in Ontario can benefit from custom zinc die casting and aluminum die casting choices. Rather than just focus on generic fabrication, we also dive into the details of what it takes to produce highly customized pieces for industrial use.

In addition, we look at all of those industry standards that are so important in producing metalworking products. We look at guidelines from NADCA and ISO standards, in order to make sure we're offering our customers something that ought to the highest bar that industry experts can set — for instance, we look at precision guidelines that will eliminate costs such as decreased die life, frequent die replacement, shutdowns or downtime, or more prolific die inspections.

Let California Die Casting helped your company to get quality custom zinc die castings in Ontario.